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The Crashtones

How do you feel about – Red Hot Chillis, Peter Gabriel, Mike Patton, James Brown, 70s Bass lines, Turntables, Celtic Music, Incubus, Dave Mathews, and System of a Down. If the answer is – “I feel pretty good about them”…then this is the record for you.

Band: The Crashtones
Album: Colorful of the Stereo
Released: 2006
Label: The Crashtones
Genre: Alternative Metal/Punk
Track Count: 14 songs
Album Length: 40:49 minutes

Track Listing

#01 – The Date Song Lyrics
#02 – 16-17 Lyrics
#03 – King of Robots Lyrics
#04 – Below Lyrics
#05 – Reflex Lyrics
#06 – Alone Lyrics
#07 – Gentleman Caller Lyrics
#08 – The Mermaid Song Lyrics
#09 – The Night I Knew Lyrics
#10 – If I Could Lyrics
#11 – Forgotten Lyrics
#12 – Black Dress Lyrics
#13 – Out of Love Lyrics
#14 – The End Lyrics

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